Gram scale app

There are many available on the store but be careful as some are fake and will not work, others have different method of weighing which may not work. It has been improved over the last year or so and works with all major smartphones. Available on Android and Windows Phones. If calibrated properly and used correctly the app has been shown to be almost as accurate as a real digital scales.

Balance your phone on something curved or soft and then place objects to weigh on bottom of phone. Requires a little DIY using common household objects. Requires calibration. Predefine upto 4 fake weight values and you can also use multi tap on the tare button to increase to other values. Simply place object on the screen and tap once.

gram scale app

You can then convert them to other units easily. Press Units to convert the weight to other units. Tap the grid pad in the middle reset to zero. You can place the object that the weight corresponds to on the grid pad on the phone.

We now have improved the weight converter and it can be used offline aswell. If you want to convert other units, currencies or world times please download our free brand new app 3 Grams Multi Converter!

You can download the free version from Google Play store or Windows App Store using the buttons below, so when you review the app review them on the right store. In cases where you cant access the app stores you can also download the app directly from our website here if you download from our server please note you cant use IAP to buy credits but you can still buy calibration credits using Paypal here! Or click here.

Digital Scale+ (iOS, 3D Touch)

There is also a paid Pro Version of 3 Grams which is faster, has no ads and comes preloaded with credits. Click here to see all three video demonstration of the scales app! You get upto 4 free credits when you install the app and doing various things like visiting out twitter page etc.The 3D Touch display on iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus is able to detect pressure applied to the screen in order to serve the 3D Touch pop and peek functions, but with the help of a little third party web app you can transform the iPhone and 3D Touch display into a fairly precise scale.

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But the weight changed when I laid my finger on it. Can you please explain how you were able to place a spoon on the phone without having your finger touch it to have the screen recognize the items weight? This carries over to the scale as well and 3d Touch as well. Somehow is the sensitivity different depending on the object. On the other side with my finger I can get readings from about 1 gram to grams. Could it be, that 3D touch has to first detect that something is actually touching the screen to start working?

In a way to prevent 3D-Touch to drain your batteries while the phone is somewhere below a pile of books!!! It has nothing to do with the weight, it must conduct electricity. Pedantic alert: not all touch screens work this way. The old kind that you needed to push on were called resistive, where you had to physically push on the screen enough to make two parts touch normally the screen layers was held apart by microscopic clear beads or a gel.

Finally, your iPhone can weigh your …. Name required. Mail will not be published required.

'Working Scale' Android app

All Rights Reserved. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited. Mei Teh says:. April 22, at pm. Noelle says:. August 8, at pm. J says:. October 26, at am. May 18, at am. Wharf Xanadu says:. March 5, at pm.

Cheesesteak says:. December 13, at pm. Gaey says:.Note that the item you weighed must be detected by the touch screen, just like a finger, in order to register a weight. Read below for more info and instructions. To measure the weight of an object, place something on the screen that can be registered as a touch. You can tare the weight by touching the weight label. Please check your device configuration and try again.

Please do not request the desktop site as the web app is incompatible with a desktop environment. Any measurements exceeding that may be wildly inaccurate. It does not give you an exact weight. Can this app convert to Troy ounces and grams?

I might be able to help commercialise thisare you interested? Where do we get this app??? So amazing! Great invention! I needed to weigh a ham to cook. No scale… no problem!

I bet my phone can do it!

gram scale app

Searched… found this website! This app did not working on i phone x. Its just work only with finger touch i put lighter and cigarettes but it did not show any weight.

Lol its just detect weight of finger touch. The app is working as intended. Lighters and cigarettes do not conduct electricity. Have you checked if your phone is on the list of supported devices? Try pressing on the screen with your finger first. If your finger also registers 3D Touch Error but your device should support 3D Touch, check your 3D Touch settings and device capabilities.

Also, note that only capacitive items like your finger can be registered and measured, as stated in the description and instructions of the app. No, this webapp does not record nor transmit your weighing activity outside the app.

Only your customized settings for units and 3D touch preferences are saved in your browser cookies. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Since Apple does not allow scale apps into the App Store, you can try out the app online.

Hi Newboren, The app is working as intended. Hope this helps, and do remember to read the instructions next time! Can you please try that?

gram scale app

I think you guys have done an awesome job coming up with this app.Scale is a free and an addictive arcade game with an unique gameplay containing slicer and balls. Truly a brain teaser and Its super fun! How to play? Its easy, all you have to do is to cut and shrink the board by placing the slicers. You need to be strategic to scale the board visely and watch out for the ball! If you touch the balls before your cut is complete, you lose a life. Increase your score, get diamonds, check the leaderboard and compete your friends.

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For example: you have to get the timing right to be able to make sure the ball dose not hit it and make you start over. Number three: you can tell your friends to get it and race! You could see who gets the farthest fastest! You can take the game anywhere and be able to play! You can have fun wherever you go. Number five: you can also do epic levels and play wit different courses every time you play! Number six: this game motivates you to try harder.

It is a goal that people like me want to reach. And some do! Even then I tried to make my own new goals and I had a lot of fun. So thanks. Ok I love this game! And they even made like goals for you to achieve!

gram scale app

What was I doing? I only got to do like one level!!!! And you can enjoy it! Five stars for sure! I went to the remove ads tab to see what options there were. Lost that game in 10 seconds?With Pricescale calculate the price of items quickly, easily and inexpensively.

digital scale

Makes counting pieces easier than ever with Sensodroid bluetooth digital scales. LoseWeight is the best digital bathroom scale for iPhone and iPad. It provides fabulous functions to record your daily weight on your iOS devices Related Searches digital weight scale. Sort by. Back Close. Free Only. Editor Rating. User Rating. Apply Filters.

Results for digital scale. Related: digital weight scale. Publisher: Digital Downloads: Digital Scale. Publisher: LucidSWs Downloads: 4. Price Scale Lite digital scale.

Publisher: Sensodroid Ltd Downloads: Count scale Lite Digital Scale. Sensoscale Lite digital scale. Digital Scale Simulator.

10 Best Digital Weight Scale Apps (Android/IPhone) 2020

Publisher: Carrie Apps Downloads: Setra Digital Weighing Scale. Publisher: Ignite Software Solutions Downloads: LoseWeight - Digital Bathroom Scale. Publisher: Tian Juntao Downloads: Publisher: Aexol sp. Downloads: Digital bluetooth Scale S connection test app. Publisher: Sensodroid - Digital scale Downloads: Results 1 - 10 of 9,DO you always want to own a digital Weight scale? Do you want to impress your friends by weighing small objects and things using your phone?

This app is perfect for weighing any thing and this app also has feature of Bluetooth digital scale connection. Download this app now and set your weight values. This is great digital scale app Android created by RizbiT Apps and this app will provide you best accurate digital weighing scale app which comes with weight converter.

This app will use your phones built in tilt center in order to calculate weight of objects. In case of proper calibration and if this app is used correctly, it is shown that this app provides accurate results. You must first balance your phone on something curved or soft and after that place object to weigh on bottom of phone.

This app require calibration and each calibration will use up one calibration credits. This app will work as visual digital scale and you can use your phone camera to weigh larger object with same level of accuracy. This application requires a little DIY which uses common household object and calibration.

This app will show you easy reading and up to 4 readings are available. You are allowed to convert them to any other units easily. You just need to press one on the weight button in order to see weight stored.

Kitchen scale Android. SxSoft brings you great digital scale app and this app will turn your device in to precision digital scale. With this application, you are allowed to measure weight of ingredients like salt, sugar, pepper, flour and many more. This app estimate weight based on mass and volume and it just simulate digital scale. Download and install this digital scale app now and impress your friends by weighing small things. Truck Scale calculator iPhone.

This is one of the best digital scale app iPhone and it is utility app which is designed to assist truck driver to analyse the weight of their axles. This application is designed for rigs which are either 3 axel sets or 4 axel sets.

This is also designed to input the scale readings from either a short platform or large platform. Right weigh Load Scale app iPhone.

With this great digital scale application, it is easier to even monitor load weight at any time in your iPhone. Digital Scale Free weight estimator simulator Android. This is another great digital scale app Android and it was created by Aexol sp. Now with this app, you are allowed to weigh things with your phone. This app allows you to weigh small things which weighs couple grams or Oz by the help of your phone and you can impress your friends.

Precision Digital scale Android. It is great digital scale app by rascsoftware and this app will turn your device in to precision digital scale. This app takes advantage of accelerometer and with this ap, you can enable yourself to weigh any object simply by placing it on the top of your phone or tablet.

The degree of accuracy depends on how you use the scale. You should lay the object as gently as possible on your device. Scale in Grams Simulator Joke Android. VizyyGAmes presents you another digital scale simulator app and it is digital scale simulator app here units of weight present are gms and kgs you are allowed to set your weight value.

Digital scale simulator Android. Carrie apps brings you amazing digital scale simulator app and you can use this app to estimate the weight of all objects.Available on Android and Windows Phones. If calibrated properly and used correctly the app has been shown to be almost as accurate as a real digital scales. Balance your phone on something curved or soft and then place objects to weigh on bottom of phone. Requires a little DIY using common household objects.

Requires calibration. The Android version uses a photo taken with the camera button but in Windows version you have to use visual aids by lining the phone up with the apparatus. Please watch the Visual Scales demonstration. Predefine upto 4 fake weight values and you can also use multi tap on the tare button to increase to other values.

Simply place object on the screen and tap once. Tips: Do not place objects directly on the screen, use a piece of paper, sticky post-it note or a screen protector. Do not allow the phone to tilt over when placing object on it. You can use many different common objects for calibration like coins, memory cards, batteries etc.

Please make sure your device has tilt sensors working and calibrated properly.

Free Digital Scale App for Android

Multiple units Milligrams, grams, ounces and pounds lb Video demonstrations Stabilization engine Adjust decimal places Built in help documentation Remove all ads with a one off in app purchase Use special single use promotion codes to get cheap calibration credits. Zero stars, a bust, not accurate in the least way.

Calibrated using a nickel 5gs and never read the same nickel right twice. Translate to English. Stay informed about special deals, the latest products, events, and more from Microsoft Store. Available to United States residents. By clicking sign up, I agree that I would like information, tips, and offers about Microsoft Store and other Microsoft products and services.

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