Remington 788 replacement bolt

Remember Me? Results 1 to 17 of Thread: Remington bolt. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Remington bolt I need to take the bolt apart on my I watched a video about taking the bolt apart and I would like to know from you all that have the knowledge on such things. The Kleindorst bolt disassembly tool midway part number and firing pin removal tool midway part number Remington has the bolt disassembly tool but it is out of stock.

Any help would be appreciated to the utmost. I think the bolt has never been apart and now the firing pin won't strike the primer. Thanks for any help again. To clean you don't need tool. What caliber?? Once you open the bolt the punch will capitivate the firing pin and the entire bolt plug, firing pin unit can be unscrewed from the rear. NOTE, right hands rifle have right hand threads and the left hand rifles have LEFT hand threads That is as far as you need to take the bolt plug firing pin assembly down, trust me If you are needing a firing pin replacement or a mainspring replaced, drop me a PM as I have the spare parts and have done many many of them While you are cleaning also look at the inside of the trigger unit, as they get gunked up with old dried oil, Be very careful punching out the trigger cross pin, and make sure the tension screw has been backed off before removing the cross pin.

J Wisner. Instead they give u a coupon off a Might want to call first and ask. Originally Posted by too many things. I have heard if you send a back to Remington for repair they will not return it. Probably some rust inside the bolt. I have a also, along with the Remington service manual. Basic disassembly of the bolt looks pretty easy.

remington 788 replacement bolt

Looks like just a pin is needed to go through the bolt shroud, for basic disassembly. This will allow you to at least inspect the firing pin and spring. Removal of the spring is more detailed, but doable. Might be copyright issues with posting the manual here, but if you wish, PM me, with your email address, and I can copy and send you, the appropriate pages of the manual.

Not to overstep previous poster but for those in need, I also have a pdf of the manual I found years ago. Yep ditto on the 'they'll keep it'. They dropped it over a 'defective safety' issue to start with. They probably wish they could crush them all. Originally Posted by buckdeer. Most likely the case. The hasn't been made in almost 40 years, they won't let a bad one get out of their hands if a safety issue with parts that are not available.

Last edited by StuBach; at PM. If Remington would give me two model s for aI might consider it. Originally Posted by Texas by God. Thanks for all the replies.

I will try what James suggested before anything else.Provided below is a listing of specialty parts dealers and companies offering restoration or repair services for various Remington firearms, along with a list of the models with which they may be able to assist you.

NOTE: This listing is provided to you only as a convenience. Remington does not endorse, recommend, or guarantee any product or service provided by any of the third-party establishments listed herein. Models 8,10,11,12,24,31,58,66,77,81,,, ,,Mod 7,,,11,87, Peerless, SP Models: Custom reproduction parts, Seven, SP,,,and Airy, NC Phone: Models: Model firing pins, extractors, M10 barrels, M10 stocks, Model 31 barrels, Model 31 stocks, and engraving services.

Models: Obsolete parts for most models. Models: 10, 11, 12, 24, 31, 51 Pistol, Several configurations of buttplates and pistol grips for obsolete models. Hard plastic reproductions of various authentic Remington gun grips, buttplates, spacers, gripcaps, ribs, sights, sight bases, ejector port covers, trigger guards, etc. Hundreds of hard to find shotgun barrels, gunstocks, and other parts for: Models 10, 11,Sportsman 48, 31, 58, Extensive supply of discontinued parts as well as parts for all the current models.

Custom stocks made to order 6 mo lead time ; stocks for M, XP, Market Street P. Update your browser to view this website correctly. Update my browser now. Rifles Back Bolt-Action.

Remington 788 replacement barrel????

Muzzleloading Back Model Ultimate. Pump-Action Back Model Shotguns Back Autoloading. Pump Action. Pump Action Back Model Tactical Back Model DM.

remington 788 replacement bolt

Handguns Back Remington R Remington RP. Remington RM Model R1. Model R1 Enhanced. Model R1 Carry. Ammunition Back Shotshell. Centerfire Rifle. Other Products.Bob's Gun Shop Inc. Po Box Royal AR We Have over 42, Magazines for Models!

Or Order Now! Place Order. Or Print an Order Form Model Hi Power. Click To Enlarge.

remington 788 replacement bolt

It will cure a lot of your Ejection Problems. It has a Bolt Latch, Latch pivot. Remington ONLY RemingtonGrip Cap Blade Insert Semi Finish Walnut Stock Light, Strong, Drop in Fit, Checkered. With a Recoil pad. Screw Driver Fit. Peep Sight Picture of Sight on the Peep Sight page. New Stock With later model Checkering. Picture on the Stock Page Remington Stocks. Click to Enlarge.I saw a Remington in a.

The barrel appeared extremely dirty and the stock was scratched considerably. Is anyone familar with this gun? What is it worth? Is the dirty barrel a sign to leave it alone? A dirty barrel in a rack full of rifles with clean barrels is certainly a warning sign, but by itself it may just indicate a lazy shop owner. If he won't run a patch through it when asked or bring your own rod and patch and askI'd pass. The 's have a following Normally the 's shoot very well.

Becasue they've developed a following, the prices have been moving up Ribbonstone, Is the an accurate rifle. What do you see as problems with the trigger? If I clean the barrel, what are signs the gun might not perform? Remove Advertisements. Most you will come across were purchased and used as the factory intendedi. As word of their surprising level of accuracy and the fast lock time was winded by the higher volume -more serious breed of shootersthese guns started being put to work as ecomomy platforms for building bench rest guns and being hotrodded by loaders.

Here is where the weaknesses of the guns started to surface. While the receiver is quite stout and blocky for what it is the rear lugs and their relatively small size did allow bolt thrust on some of the higher pressure loadings to lead to headspacing issues. Grant it most folks weren't ever going to put the gun through the volume of shooting to get to this point but is does attest to the fact that we aren't dealing with an action that could compete with the strength of the series of rifles.

These rifles were also prone to the bolt handle coming off in your hand ,again in average use perhaps wouldn't happen but to you but enough of the weekend warrior benchrest crowd was finding this to be not uncommon. I would just caution to any one looking over a to determine whether your looking at one of the countless closet cases that saw relatively little use as a sporting arm and spent most of their life shooting one or two boxes of hunting ammo before being traded offor if it was one of the ones that saw hard use as a pseudo - bench gun and may have some of the issues mentioned abovecheck head space, signs of a repaired bolt handleor being rebarreled may tip you off.

Like ribbonstome said alittle bit of hard wear as a hunting gun shouldn't be an indication as a gun that internally isn't sound, afterall these were economy knock-a -bout guns and most were treated as such. The collectability of pristine examples and some of the rarer chamberings have driven up the price of the garden variety your mostly likely to encounter so your likely to see them priced at higher prices than you could get a model for in like or better condition.Due to the coronavirus COVID outbreak and measures imposed by our state government, our operations are temporarily suspended.

Shop for Remington parts and accessories with Numrich Gun Parts. Get the Remington schematic to find the exact parts you need for your restoration and repair today!

Notifications Close. Manufacturers Remington Rifles Part Key: 0. Add to cart. Barrel Assembly. Part Key: 1. Out of Stock. Bolt Assembly. Part Key: 2. Bolt Assembly Pin Product : Part Key: 3. Enlarge Image. Bolt Head Assembly. Part Key: 4. Part Key: 5. Part Key: 6. Bolt Stop, New Reproduction Product : Part Key: 7. This product is no longer available, however can be used as a replacement part. Part Key: 8. Part Key: 9. Part Key: Product : Ejector Pin.

Ejector Spring, New Factory Original 1. Ejector Spring, Old Style 1. Firing Pin Assembly. Firing Pin. Firing Pin Cross Pin Product : Firing Pin Head Product : Forums New posts Trending Search forums. Media New media New comments Search media. Feedback View Statistics. Resources Latest reviews Search resources. Members Current visitors. Log in. Search Everywhere Threads This forum This thread.

Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Search Advanced…. Remington replacement barrel???? Thread starter rackchaser71 Start date Jan 22, JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Jan 1, 0 0 33 myakka city FL. Silverbullet2 Gunny Sergeant Belligerents. Sep 20, 0 38 Near Seattle, Wa. Re: Remington replacement barrel????

Any accuracy bolt gun smith can chamber and install one of the many manufacture's barrels. Back in the 60's and 70's that was used by many benchresters. Best of luck, JPG. Mar 29, 1 22 Billings, MT. What caliber are you looking for? I have a barreled receiver stripped chambered in that I may part with. Sep 28, 36 0 0 46 Carlsbad N.

Remington 788 discussion.

We did one a couple of months back with a Shilen 5 I think. If you cut most of the shank off it will almost match the factory contour. ArcticLight Sergeant Belligerents. Mar 27, 20 22 Silverdale, WA. I've got a as well, they are the cats meow for a hunting rifle - extremely accurate right outta the box.Discussion in ' General Rifle Discussion ' started by sloejoeJun 7, Log in or Sign up. Remington discussion.

Jun 7, 1. Does anyone have any accurate failure stitistics on the failures. I have found a nice in. I know that user treatment is important but it would be a rifle failure non-the-less. Can any one give info. Jun 8, 2.

Remington 788 Parts

I'm pretty sure such data would be unavailable; mostly because it wasn't worth collecting. I performed Remington warranty work for about ten years during the period the was manufactured.

Failures which were common enough to be considered notable included: Bolt stop breakage. It cost more to build than a and was not as reliable, was heavier, and was more limited. The only reason for you to choose the over any other rifle would be that it interests you. Remington might have some warranty clainm data but it is unlikely they would be willing to share it.

Jun 8, 3.

Thanks greydog for the info--in view of the scary reports I think I will pass on this I want a. Jun 8, 4. I've worked on s that came into my shop and the 1 problem was the bolt handle coming off, which is an easy fix. Remington brought them out originally to serve as an economy rifle. In fact most of them would actually outshoot the flagship models. I still have 1 out of the several I've owned-a 7mm08, and my daughter has claimed that. Jun 8, 5. Some people love them. I have a few friends that have multiple examples.

They are trying to obtain one in each caliber ever made including. They seem to be a poor mans collectable. Jun 8, 6. Everyone I've known that has one never had an ounce of trouble with the My brother has one in 6mm Remington for over 40 years, not an issue.

DcomfJun 8, Jun 8, 7.

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