Third reich jewelry

A Limited Liability Corporation. Prior to placing an order, please complete our Terms and Conditions form. You only need to complete this form once; if you already have a completed form on file in our office, you do not need to complete the form again. Thank you! We accept telephone calls from am - pm and pm - am Eastern Standard Time. Please do not call outside these hours. Third Reich This is our specialty!

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We are actively buying items like this for resale. We also consider trades for quality relics. Call or write us. Best time: 10am - 12 noon and PM eastern time. Popular collectables in ; and popular now!

Please send all email inquiries to teutonia windstream. Period Third Reich Tapestries N. The exception is if we see the need to handle re-creations of items that in themselves are of such quality that we feel should be made available to our customers.

The items above are all original, vintage offerings, while below, we present some of the very best and exquisite replica items available anywhere. Adolf Hitler General items. Rare Items Signed by Hitler. Original SS Honor Ring. Adolf Hitler Besteck Flatware. SS Daggers and Swords. Watercolors by Adolf Hitler. Third Reich Music. Full Hand-written Letter by Adolf Hitler.Our high quality, sterling silver. All of our rings are very impressive and make nice additions to authentic uniforms for reenactors, as display pieces for your collection or for everyday wear.

Most styles are made in one size, which averages 10 or 11, but they can be sized to fit by your local jeweler. Dealer Application.

third reich jewelry

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Third Reich Rings

Officer's Swords.Below you find a list of links to different categories of Third Reich items that are offered for sale on this web site. If you click on one of the links you will be transfered to a separate index page of items from the same National Socialist organization, Third Reich subject, etc.

We did our best to describe each item very detailed with several photographs on a separate web page. Please click on the links to see photos and the description of the items you are interested in. The item that is shown on the photos is the item you are buying, in case it is not it will say so in the item description. A word about our "SOLD" items: we are sometimes asked why we keep the sold items on the web site.

Secondly, even though many of these books are very hard to find today, there is always the possibility that we might be able to locate another copy.

third reich jewelry

So please take a look at the SOLD items, too. The SOLD items are listed in a separate column at the bottom of each category. Please feel free to email us with every question you may have or to ask for additional photos.

We always spend a lot of time to give an accurate item description but unlike many others in this business we do not claim to know everything. Please ask all questions you may have before placing an order! We offer a seven days inspection period during which items can be returned if the buyer should question the authenticity, after that the sales are final. We only accept returns because of obvious reasons, such as originality or if the purchaser is not satisfied with the condition, meaning if the condition is not as described in the description of the listing.

U.S. & German Militaria: Reproductions & Collectibles

All of our items are exactly as described. Approval for returns must be made by email. The purchaser is responsible for return shipping. The pair that is offered for sale is a spare in its original, stamped imitation leather case.

A true piece of history! We do NOT have any relationship with or support any kind of political or social organization. We do NOT support any kind of organization that promotes hate, violence, or racial intolerance.

We are absolutely NOT selling to countries that forbid the import of historical Third Reich material. Please check the laws in your country before you order.Storming down the foggy streets here in MN, late at night, I defiantly cut a figure of person from years gone by! Sincerely Fred Spling. Over the Years we have spent untold sum's of money to buy, obtain, and collect as much Original Third Reich Leather jackets and other assorted clothing, that we were able to find.

End of the sleeves inside have elastic to fit tightly at the wrist to keep snow from getting inside. All buttons are plastic type material to avoid sticking to fingers when buttoning. And elastic at the waist. Inside is have blanket material to keep you warm no matter what, with the entire hood and front panels lined with long haired goat.

This is the ultimate in a padded parka. Inside is heavy blanket material to keep you warm no matter what, with the entire hood and front panels lined with rabbit skin. Because of popular demand we also do the jacket in Black Leather. Black or Brown your choice. We can also offer jackets done with various badges applied. Please consult us for further details if you desire this done!

Do not be mistaken! Heavy cotton lining inside. COAT Our Leather Great Coats are the finest made, heavy gauge leather same as used on originals, with super heavy detailing through out every aspect of these Great Coats, Heavy inside Satin style lining inside with 1.

third reich jewelry

Coat in the wind. All pebbled buttons are removable 2. This jacket was also used with Tank Crews later in the War and can also be ordered with Glass or Pebbled Buttons for those desiring a Panzer impression. Luftwaffe Pilot's jackets were generally done in a Dark Brown Leather. Our Leather Great Coats are the finest made, heavy gauge leather same as used on originals, with super heavy detailing through out every aspect of these Great Coats, Heavy inside Satin style lining inside with 1.Contact Us Please refer to item designator in parentheses in all correspondence.

This was an unofficial ring created by this master jeweler, who possibly was the ultimate ring designer of the Third Reich era. As we have pointed out, he worked for most of the companies that handled Third Reich jewelry and silver insignia. This ring was purchased and worn by SS officers who had the right and authorization to wear the model chained dagger.

In one of our thumbnail pictures we show another example of this ring design used in the NS Reich. The magnificent ring we offer is beautifully constructed in the s from steel dies, not lost wax. This makes the obvious difference between reproductions that are out there and authentic period rings such as this one. The quality is spectacular and even under magnification the superior workmanship is very evident. The SS and skull are crispy clear and the wreathed swastikas at the side shank stand out in magnificent detail.

The ring is in fine silver and so stamped. This jeweler usually worked in rather than the more commonly used This is without a single doubt a historical treasure personified. Many of these existed once, but the allied forces destroyed almost every one of them found at the KL Dachau for pretty obvious reasons. Our consigner, who prefers to be unnamed, was with the Thunderbird Division that overran Dachau in He remembers clearly that the canteen where goods were sold by prisoners to prisoners for KL scrip had cases of full and empty beer bottles in its storage rooms.

The commanding officer of the 3rd Battalion, th Infantry Regiment, Lt. Felix L. Sparks, wrote an article about the general liberation of Dachau.

It contains the lie that only 50 Waffen-SS men were machine-gunned murdered by his men after surrendering. The actual count was some of whom were not SS at all. We believe it was Lt. Sparks who also gave the order that any articles like the canteen items were to be utterly destroyed and the remaining vestiges to disappear. There seemed to be a directive from on high that anything that appeared to allege that there was any normalcy to life in this camp such as buying a beer at the canteen was not to be ever found.

Logically, this beer was not only for inmates, but the SS administration and guards probably also enjoyed it. The veteran that we interviewed told us that. Among other souvenirs he had grabbed he managed to hide away one of the beer bottles even though Lt. Sparks, General Linden, and other bigwigs had commanded that the canteen items should be percent destroyed and anyone looting the beer or the bottles would face serious charges.True to the originals in every aspect, our Standard is the finest replica ever produced, featuring the highest quality materials and meticulous hand finishing with exacting details.

Standing over 7 feet tall, it is unbelievably convincing, and rivals the originals in quality. Each section is modeled after an original, with particular attention paid to the most minute details.

The brass eagle is hollow, like the originals, and is hand finished. Multi-part construction is carried through to the wreath, swastika, and box, with its die struck plates in brass with black enamel. The high quality wooden poles feature nickel plated fittings threaded for disassembly like the originals. Now you can own one of the rarest and most sought-after examples of Third Reich pomp and splendor, and this exquisite set will surely become the center-piece of any militaria collection!

Our enamel badges and pins are the finest quality, rivaling originals in detail and color, with most featuring an RZM mark or an original maker's mark.

SS Honor Rings and Jewelry of the Third Reich

Reddick Militaria car-ries a complete line of U. Government contractors.

third reich jewelry

Our insignia and patches are also made in the U. Reddick Militaria is the exclusive dis-tributor for the successors to the premier German cap maker, Robert Lubstein, or "Erel" as it is best known. We are proud to offer an extensive line of this fine quality headgear, including visor caps, billed field caps M's and overseas caps, as well as high quality insignia and components for repair or enhancement.

We now publish these fine titles along with our other military collector books and we look forward to providing you with our high quality customer service. Reddick Militaria pro-duces the most complete line of original quality Bevo woven insignia and badges available today, many of which are made in Germany on old, pre-war looms using original quality materials, patterns and weaving cards.

Our bullion collar tabs feature meticulous, hand-embroidery work that rivals some of the best originals. They are made using the correct aluminum-silver or gold bullion thread and then properly mounted on a stiff canvas backing, complete with the proper aluminum-silver or gold twisted piping. He is engraved in stone in the National War Memorial in Washington, DC, back in a small alcove where very few people have seen it. For the WWII generation, this will bring back memories. For you younger folks, it's a bit of trivia that is a part of our American history.

Anyone born in to aboutis familiar with Kilroy. No one knew why he was so well known, but everybody seemed to get into it. In the American Transit Association, through its radio program, "Speak to America," sponsored a nationwide contest to find the real Kilroy, offering a prize of a real trolley car to the person who could prove himself to be the genuine article. Almost 40 men stepped forward to make that claim, but only James Kilroy from Halifax, Massachusetts, had evidence of his identity.

His job was to go around and check on the number of rivets completed. Riveters were on piecework and got paid by the rivet. He would count a block of rivets and put a check mark in semi-waxed lumber chalk, so the rivets wouldn't be counted twice.

When Kilroy went off duty, the riveters would erase the mark. Later on, an off-shift inspector would come through and count the rivets a second time, resulting in double pay for the riveters.

Reddick Militaria does not support, condone, or in anyway try to glorify Nazi Germany or any neo-fascist organization. These items are sold for the serious collectors, re-enactors, historical organizations and theatrical purposes only. Dealer Application. Numbered Panzer Assault Badges. Stickpins on Sale. US and French Medals. Select Militaria Book Titles. Edged Weapon. Erel Visor Cap Overstock.Skip to main content of results for "third reich coin".

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Third Reich Tourism in Germany

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